Old School

You’re crazy, man, you’re crazy. I like you, but you’re crazy.
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Old School

Some Most call me an old soul because of my choice of music, so I think this was the appropriate location for my first meal as a 30-year old!  Andrew and I had the day (Friday) off, so I was looking forward to eating somewhere without having to make reservations or wait in line.  Have you ever lined up for School‘s weekend brunch?  Not fun!

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I’m told this is something I would have done 18 years ago

The first thing I have to comment on (and sorry that I’m starting off with a negative) was the service, because I didn’t get a good first impression from this place.  We were seated for at least 5 – 10 minutes before someone asked us if we have seen the menu yet.  I hate being asked stupid questions.  If my eyebrows are angry and there are no menus on our table, chances are we haven’t been given any menus.  Now that I think about it, we actually didn’t need any menus, we knew exactly what we were ordering, but still!  Aside from that, this place is very cute.  They’ve got coffee and baked goods from the General Store at the back.  I kept finding myself staring at the intricate mural at the front.

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General Chicken & Waffles; Don’t Even Go There French Toast
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General Chicken & Waffles (golden waffle stacked high with General’s fried chicken, tabasco-pepper honey and whipped vanilla butter)

Now onto the food!  I’m not even going to try to comment on the fried chicken, so let’s hear it from our in-house FCE (Fried Chicken Expert) himself:

I’m not too sure if the chicken & waffles are supposed to be the same at School and Old School, but from my experience, that wasn’t the case.  They sound the same on both menus except at School they call it ‘butter milk fried chicken with tabasco-pepper honey’ whereas at Old School it’s called ‘general’s fried chicken with tabasco-pepper honey’.  Anyway, I’ll choose School’s over Old School’s any day.  The fried chicken at School is on my top 10 list of fried chicken in the city.  Also, at School the tabasco-pepper honey is served on the side.  At Old School it comes already on the chicken, so if you like to control your honey-to-chicken ratio, I suggest you ask for it on the side.  At the end of the day, Old School’s fried chicken & waffles was good, but if I had to go back, I would try something more exciting on their menu.

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Don’t Even Go There French Toast (cheesecake stuffed egg bread rolled in toasted coconut, vanilla whipped cream and orange-honey drizzle)

I forgave the [initially] poor service after I took my first bite of this french toast.  If heaven had a brunch menu, this would be on it just for me (assuming I’m going to heaven).   The outside was coated with coconut crunchiness and the inside was filled with thick, cheesecakey goodness.  The orange-honey drizzle did a good job of cutting through all the richness.  I would definitely come back here to try their other brunch items as they had quite the selection on their menu!  In terms of 24-hour diners, I’d definitely choose this place over The Lakeview.




800 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON  M6J 1V1


All day, errrday




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